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Funkuncle (2002-present) is a multi media performance piece incorporating writing, film, music art and commerce; spanning the internet, social media and real-world events, interactions and performances. The work concerns itself with the chronicling of the Funkuncle Dynasty, the patriarchal Edward J, Funkuncle, a writer, artist, war veteran and spandex millionaire and his family, particularly his two sons, Henry P. Funkuncle and Calvin E. Funkuncle.

Edward’s diaries were first transcribed in 2002 by a mysterious figure regularly mentioned in the diaries as ‘the kid downstairs' (said to be Ant Keogh) and published in digital form as a interactive website. (Evidently the ‘kid’ has computer skills.) Pre-Facebook, You Tube or even ‘social media’, it used a simple HTML interface making use of ‘buttons’ to create an intuitive jump-through style. 

Presented with a photo of a diary and no written instructions the viewer would simply click on the image which would reveal another image or piece of text elsewhere on the screen sometimes adding further information, other times moving onto a new piece in the ‘diary’. Through the diary we glean information about Funkuncle’s life and history; his ex wife, Rain, who he clearly still has feelings for and various girlfriends, and other friends and characters such as "Big Mike", “Barney’, Mystery Kevin and even "Ricky The Mummified Squirrel". 

Edward was born in the Harlem, NY but later moved to Melbourne, Australia taken by his father under controversial circumstances, perhaps what we might term today ‘kidnapping’. Growing to adulthood in Melbourne, Henry soon had two children, boys, Henry then Calvin, before moving to London (where the diaries were transcribed).

Henry P. Funkuncle. Henry, the eldest son of Edward, estranged himself from his father when he declined taking on the family business (a spandex company) and instead became a musician. A Folk/Blues/Roots artist, he currently resides in Melbourne and performs and releases original songs and compositions. Henry also runs an online emporium (see below).

Calvin E. Funkuncle. In direct contrast to Henry, Calvin is a serious and controversial businessman who took over his fathers original local spandex company and transformed it into a worldwide, multi disciplined if slightly shadowy corporation (C.F.C) with interests in bio-tech, agriculture, genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals (including the drug Azmov 15), bionics, finance, media and even, allegedly, forays into concepts of time travel. The corporation’s slogan is: Go Forth Go Funkuncle. The nature of the CFC corporation being at odds with his brother Henry’s artistic and ethical values, it is said that the brothers rarely comunicate.

Websites include the original transcribed diaries from 2002: The Funkuncle Diaries

Henry's website  -a music/performance site, also his Soundcloud website. Henry is the curator of the online emporium - 

Calvin Funkuncle's CFC corporation website and various social media and Facebook sites.




Writer of the Funkuncle Diaries. Artist and writer, Vietnam war veteran, Spandex millionaire.

This is where the project started: in 2002 when 'the kid downstairs' (see earlier reference) began to transcribe and transfer Edward J. Funkuncle's physical diaries into an online, interactive form; weblink:

  The Funkuncle Diaries 



Son of Edward

Eldest son of Funkuncle clan. Blues/Folk/Roots singer-songwriter living in Melbourne.  

Link to Soundcloud page.



2nd Son of Edward

Edward's youngest son. Businessman and entrepreneur. Took ownership of Father's business, later renaming it C.F.C - the Calvin Funkuncle Corporation:  a multi million dollar operation with ties to agriculture, mining, pharmaceutical, genetic research, bionics, media, etc. Website: Calvin Funkuncle Corporation.


The diaries span eight books of approx 20 pages each. Created in 2002 pre-Youtube or Facebook the diaries use simple HTML code to click intuitively through the pages often revealing unexpected visuals or words further down or across the page.


This is where the project started in 2002:

  The Funkuncle Diaries 

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A typical page from:  The Funkuncle Diaries 


The diaries span eight books of approx 20 pages each. Created in 2002 pre-Youtube or Facebook the diaries use simple HTML code to click intuitively through the pages often revealing unexpected visuals or words further down or across the page. Left: Various stills from the Funkuncle diaries.


Left: "Ricky The Mummified Squirrel". Users could ask a question of Funkuncle's 'pet' and would get cryptic answers via an online forum. Link.


Another still from:  The Funkuncle Diaries 

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Left: Another page featuring a story about "The Electric Love Trumpet", a novel by Edward J. Funkuncle.

Below: Rare footage of Edward J. Funkuncle.


Eldest sibling of Funkuncle clan. Blues/Folk singer-songwriter living in Melbourne. Features live performance and original songs. Henry is also the curator of the Funkuncle Emporium  (see below).


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Calvin Funkuncle facebook page. here you can see the CFC logo: Calvin Funkuncle Corporation.

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Henry Funkuncle Facebook page promoting live events, featuring videos and original compositions.


The Funkuncle 'emporium' is a kind of anti-store that sells one off pieces, artefacts, ephemera & non-sensical items.

From the website: "Almost everything here is a one-off. We love the idiosyncratic, we champion the analogue, we adore the arcane, from unusual curios to hand-made products. Found objects, to single-edition lowbrow art. Retro ephemera to obsolete design; the idea is to give you One-of-Kind, or close to it (at least, we only have one of them). Items are priced accordingly, ranging from 'free' to 'please leave a suitcase full of money under a chair at the airport'. But, hell, some of our stuff isn’t even for sale! Sometimes it doesn’t even exist, except in the viewer’s mind. We can’t guarantee consistency, reliability or good sense. But we do offer good intentions and (in our opinion) good taste. It’s a swashbuckling, mind-twisting, cock-punching, internet-powered marvel of modern science! | All products are tested on an expert panel of scientists, musicians, politicians and whores, then delivered to you by the mostly reliable, bubble-wrap-loving, Australian Government postage service. | So come on, tell us what you think, tell us what you don’t-think-much-of, but don't be on the fence... unless you're a freaking squirrel! Enjoy..."

Facebook site. Full website:

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 10.57.48 pm.png

The online emporium - 


Another page from the online emporium featuring Ant keogh's work for sale 


Various items are on sale at the online emporium 

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T-shirt design from the online emporium 

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Another page from the online emporium. A print for sale 


Funk Van, used by Henry P. Funkuncle and the Emporium. 


From the website: "CFC is a multinational corporation with diverse interests throughout the world, extending into the atmosphere and right down into the soft underbelly. Experimenting in Agriculture, Technology, Investment, Pharmaceutical & Special Media."  Calvin Funkuncle Corporation.

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Calvin Funkuncle's: Calvin Funkuncle Corporation.


Calvin Funkuncle's: Calvin Funkuncle Corporation.


Calvin Funkuncle's: Calvin Funkuncle Corporation.

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