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Ant Keogh is a contemporary artist living in Melbourne, Australia.

A painter, writer, film maker and musician, his work explores themes of childhood, suburbia, nature, memory, love, death, fear, spirituality, heaven, hell, transcendence, dreams, surrealism, ritual, religion, humour, humiliation, marketing, propaganda, commerce, and urban culture.

Working largely from the subconscious, his paintings & drawings utilise symbolism, iconography, narrative elements, and veiled meaning. He creates works in oil, acrylic, pencil, and ink on wood, canvas, cardboard and occasionally skateboard decks or found objects/refuse.

Film: Keogh's feature length screenplay, The Pinkerton Principal, won first place at the prestigious Final Draft competition (USA) in 2015. He has written and directed many  short films (Vimeo link) and created several short animation films since 1995 and worked extensively in the commercial film and advertising industry. His film shorts tend to echo common themes in his paintings and drawings, often utilising surreal imagery (see Leachman or 13 Secret Herbs and Spices : link) but just as often, straight forward playfulness and humour. He has also, on occasion, acted in mainstream films such as the popular Australian film, Kenny (2006), by director, Clayton Jacobson and several of (satirist) John Safran's TV series, such as 'John Safran's Musical Jamboree' and even an episode of Around The Twist, a popular ABC childrens' program. is Ant's musical/video project.

Some paintings are available for purchase - store coming soon - email us! 

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